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Highland Foundry International


The common wisdom that imported castings offer significant cost advantages is only a part of the story.

Because Highland is in the fourth decade of successfully operating a foundry, they understand what it takes to get from design to the delivery of good castings.

It is with this knowledge and experience that Highland Foundry International’s (HFI’s) Assured Quality Components Program maintains the (5) critical steps of off-shore sourcing:

Use of Appropriate Facility and Technology for your Components

Highland’s foundry experts assist our customers in determining which of the many different manufacturing techniques is best suited for each component. HFI’s in-depth knowledge of its suppliers enables matching of customer requirements to the correct facility with the best-fit process, quality control and price. Whether it be a new design, or conversion of an existing part; cost and time savings are realized:

  • eliminate machining by utilizing a precision cast technique

  • replace multiple fabrications with a single casting

  • convert from domestic to international cost structure

  • reduce material costs by casting near-net shape vs. machining bar stock

  • reduce material costs by casting near-net shape vs. machining

  • benefit from consolidated buying power in multiple, lower cost facilities

Process Direction and Supervision

The technical professionals at Highland Foundry select, qualify, advise and monitor the entire process. All foundry operations from pattern making through molding, melting, critical heat treating, and inspection are scrutinized. Each shop has successfully passed a series of on-site evaluations and audits to become approved for specific materials, processes, quality control, and complexity levels. Direction from Highland’s Metallurgists, Foundry Engineers, and Technicians, combined with daily around the clock communication, full time on-site auditing, and inspection have proven to be the most effective way of ensuring a consistent, high quality supply. Customers benefit from the stringent criteria of process control, capacity and reliability that HFI achieves with their strategic sources.

Verification of all Component Specifications

When you receive castings from HFI you can be confident that the materials are per specification and all inspections have been done properly. In addition to on-site inspections, the components are tested again at our foundry near Vancouver, British Columbia, to ensure compliance. Value added operations such as machining, painting and assembly are also utilized to compound the cost savings and streamline the supply chain.

Proper Handling of all Administrative Issues

Language, regulations, transportation, finance and all the myriad details of international sourcing are taken care of by the experts at HFI. Whether it is safety stocks, currency fluctuation or technical concerns, HFI eliminates the problems and headaches normally associated with dealing with offshore sources while providing the cost savings essential to your success.

Confidentiality and Protection of Intellectual Property

Highland’s long term and multifaceted relationship with their select group of international suppliers, all but guarantees confidentiality. Not only is your corporate identity and that of your customers protected, but with HFI placing a number of unrelated products in the same facility, it removes the incentive. Another benefit of consolidated purchasing which has recently become of critical importance for any off-shore sourcing program is volume. HFI’s purchasing power allows access, with lower product quantities, into some of the better facilities that would typically only serve extremely high volume customers. This mutually beneficial partnership provides the relationship necessary to obtain the quality and cost requirements, while maintaining the service and lead times that are reserved for Priority Status clients.

Explore the advantages and ease of dealing with Highland Foundry International.

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